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With choice at the motor factors being so utterly bewildering, Ultimo GT Distribution Online Shop advises on the importance of buying the correct engine lubricant.


Ultimately, motor oil separates your engine from a very large repair bill. Without lubrication, an engine will run for less than a few minutes, before being severely damaged, sometimes beyond repair.

Allowing the oil level to run too low, or not changing it on time, can also shorten engine life dramatically and may even reduce the value of your car, because the oil performs several critical functions:

1. LUBRICATION: Engine oil provides a film between the moving metal parts, to prevent them from contact, overheating and failure.
2. REMOVING HEAT: The lubricant transfers the intense temperatures, including that of combustion, and allows them to be dissipated.
3. HOLDING DEPOSITS: Engine oil retains combustion accumulations, such as acid and soot, in suspension, thus keeping the engine clean internally, which is why oil changes from a golden hue to black. Many years ago, when oil development was in its infancy, these deposits would build up within an engine, calling for it to be dismantled for ‘de-coking’ purposes.
4. PREVENT CORROSION: The many moving parts within an engine have to be protected from rust, meaning that acids require neutralising and moisture has to be kept away from the vulnerable areas.
5. HYDRAULIC MEDIUM – Certain engines use the pressurised oil supply to operate specific functions, such as hydraulic tappets or the camshaft chain tensioner.


Many owners are unaware than an engine tends to consume some oil naturally but the degree at which it does so depends on not only the engine’s condition but also its design. Some types from certain manufacturers, especially high-performance power-plants, may need the engine oil to be topped-up between oil change intervals.

Most modern cars possess a fascia-based low level warning facility, which must be attended to immediately. Yet, owners should not rely on this and the oil level must be checked manually every week, using the dipstick.

Note that you should never fill an engine past the ‘maximum’ line on its dipstick. Extensive engine damage could result and topping-up should be performed judiciously, with the car standing on level ground and the dipstick markings being checked constantly, prior to more oil being added.

Note that the dashboard’s red oil level lamp indicates oil pressure failure, not necessarily a low level. Should it illuminate when driving, the engine should be stopped immediately.

When topping-up the oil, add a little bit at a time and wait a few minutes for it to travel to the sump, prior to checking the level with the dipstick.

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The Ultimo GT range of lubricants has been formulated from high grade base oils and meets the latest ACEA API standards whilst satisfying OEM suppliers.

The Ultimo GT range incorporates a full range of engine oils for all applications for both road and performance vehicles covering 5W30, 5W40 and 10w40 for both normally aspirated and turbo charged diesel and petrol engine vehicles. The range also includes advanced mineral based 20/50 oil designed specifically for older vehicles.

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