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ANTIFREEZE is a good quality modern antifreeze belonging to a generation silicate holding,nitrite-, amine- and phosphate free cooling fluid composed of mono ethylene
glycol and specially selected additives.
ANTIFREEZE can be used throughout the year in all cooling systems in petrol- and
diesel engines. Thanks to the balanced additive package and the high quality mono ethylene glycol, this standard quality anti freeze is one of the highest quality anti freezes in the market.
ANTIFREEZE gives the best protection if it is used in concentrations between 40 and
50% in water.
ANTIFREEZE offers good protection of all metals in the cooling system and engine
and is neutral towards seals and flexible hoses.
Keep all anti freezes out of reach of children! Do not drink antifreeze!
If swallowed, induce vomiting and immediately call for a doctor!
  • Exceeds: ASTM D3306, MB 325.2, BMW, Behr (Radiators) Deutz/MWM, CUNA NC956-16, GM/Opel
  • ONORM V5123, UNE 26-361, VW TL 774C
  • Property: Test Method: Typical Values:
  • Colour - Blue/green
  • Density @ 15°C ASTM D1298 1130 kg/m3
  • Freezing point @ 40% in water ASTM D1177 -28°C
  • Freezing point @ 50% in water ASTM D1177 -38°C
pH (50% in water) ASTM D1287 7.2
Product nr: 4395 Date Issued: 08/11/2011 Date Superseded: 12/07/2010 Revision nr: 01