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MARINE OIL 15W40 is a mineral based marine engine oil providing good performance
in high output , high speed, turbo charged engines operating under severe conditions.
MARINE OIL 15W40 has been formulated with carefully selected additives in mineral
base stocks, to provide excellent detergency, dispersancy and anti wear performance.
MARINE OIL 15W40 has excellent thermo-oxidative stability, controlling deposits and
viscosity increase. Excellent soot handling controls soot induced oil thickening and
effectively prevents wear.
MARINE OIL 15W40 reduces piston deposits, protects against “Bore Polishing”,
reduces oil consumption and allows extended drain intervals.
MARINE OIL 15W40 is recommended for turbo charged and naturally aspirated
diesel engines such as used on board ships and can also be used in marine
transmissions requiring an oil with Allison C-4 specifications.
Exceeds the specifications of:
API CG-4/CF, MB 228.3, MAN 271,Volvo VDS, MTU Type 2, Mack EO-L