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HYDRAULIC OIL 100 is a premium quality anti wear hydraulic oils developed for use in
high pressure hydraulic systems operating under varying temperatures where small
viscosity changes with fluctuating temperatures are preferred.

HYDRAULIC OIL 100 oil is formulated with carefully selected base stocks fortified with
additives and a very shear stable viscosity index improves to impart excellent protection towards wear, rust and oxidation. The viscosity improves reduces the viscosity decrease with rising temperatures.
HYDRAULIC OIL 100 is formulated with field proven thermally stable, zinc based anti
wear additives. HYDRAULIC OIL 100 provides excellent water demulsibility as well as de-aeration and effectively protects against rust and oxidation.
HYDRAULIC OIL 100 can be used in hydraulic systems in stationary and mobile
hydraulic systems, as well as for general machine lubrication.

Exceeds: DIN 51524/3 HVLP, ISO 11158 HV, AFNOR NFE 48-603 HV