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INDUSTRIAL GEAR OIL 320 is a premium quality heavy duty gear oil, primarily
recommended for enclosed gear units working under severe shock operating conditions. INDUSTRIAL GEAR OIL 320 is formulated from carefully selected base stocks and sulphur/phosphorous extreme pressure (EP) additives.
INDUSTRIAL GEAR OIL 320 provides excellent protection against high loads,
prevent damage on tooth- and friction surfaces. Furthermore INDUSTRIAL GEAR OIL
CLP shows excellent protection against rust and oxidation, while the excellent demulsification of the product allows easy water drain off.
INDUSTRIAL GEAR OIL 320 is recommended for the lubrication of enclosed spur, helical, bevel and worm gears.
Exceeds: DIN 51517-3: CLP, ISO 12925-1: L-CKC, AGMA 9005 E-02
AIST (US Steel) Req. No 224, David Brown S1.53 101(E)
Property: Test Method: Typical Values:
ISO Viscosity Grade ISO 3448 320
Density @ 15°C ASTM D4052 904 kg/m3
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C ASTM D7042 288-352 mm2/s
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C ASTM D7042 22.8 mm2/s
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 >95
Flash Point ASTM D92 >220°C
Pour Point ASTM D97 <-12°C
Total Acid Number (TAN) ASTM D974 0.5 mgKOH/g
FZG Load Stage DIN 51354-2 12
Demulsibility @ 82°C DIN 51599 <30 min.
Product nr: 4370 Date Issued: 31/08/2012 Date Superseded: 12/07/2010 Revision nr: 01