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Lithium Grease Complex EP 2 180KGS

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Lubricating Grease:
Lithium Complex EP 2 is a very high quality extreme pressure lithium complex lubricating grease made from solvent refined mineral oils of inherently high oxidation
resistance, incorporating extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to deliver reliable performance under extreme load conditions.

Lithium Complex EP 2 grease is capable of withstanding high temperature operating conditions beyond those at which standard lithium greases operate.
Suitable for operating temperatures from -20°C to +150°C, but withstands operating temperatures of up to 180°C for short periods. Resistant to water and high pressure steam. Suitable for use in wheel bearings and all rolling bearings subjected to high temperatures and heavy loads. Suitable for use in bearing with infrequent relubrication
intervals Suitable for use in any application where high temperature Performance, strong adhesion and water resistance is desirable.
Physical Characteristics:

  • Appearance Red
  • Texture Smooth
  • Thickener Type Lithium Complex
  • NLGI Classification 2
  • IP71: Base Oil Viscosity, KV at 40°C 150 cSt MIN
  • IP 50: Penetration, worked 265 – 295 mm/10
  • ASTM D1831: Roll Stability, 10 hr + 30 point MAX
  • ASTM D2265: Dropping Point 250°C MIN
  • IP 112: Copper Corrosion Pass
  • IP 121: Oil Separation, (18h/40°C) 5.00% MAX
  • IP 220: EMCOR Corrosion 0, 0
  • IP 215: Water Washout, 79°C 3.00% MAX
  • IP 142: Oxidation Stability, (100h/100°C) 4.0 psi MAX
  • IP 239: 4 Ball Weld Load 450 kg
  • IP 326: Timken OK Load 20 kg (45 lb)
  • These data are typical of current production, and whilst future production will meet these specifications, some variation
  • in typical data may occur.