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MARINE OIL 315 is a high quality marine diesel engine oil, developed for high output,
medium speed trunk piston diesel engines, running on distillate or light residual fuel with a sulphur content of maximum 1.5%.
MARINE OIL 315 is formulated with high quality paraffinic base stocks and selected
additives that provide excellent detergent, dispersant, anti-wear and oxidation resistant
properties. MARINE OIL 315 has very good oxidation stability, excellent dispersant and detergent ability and neutralisation of combustion acids, formed when burning diesel fuel.
MARINE OIL 315 offers good anti wear properties, superior demulsibility and
protection against bearing corrosion, has good anti-foam properties and good protection against ‘bore-polishing’ and lacquering.
MARINE OIL 315 is recommended for all high output, medium speed trunk piston
marine diesel engines and in certain reduction gear systems where this type of lubricant is specified by the equipment manufacturer.
Exceeds the specifications of: