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MOTOR OIL 5W20 is high performance fuel conserving engine oil based on 100% synthetic technology for all gasoline engines in passenger cars and light vans.

MOTOR OIL 5W20 is specially designed for the lubricating of the latest generation vehicles like hybrid and ECO models which require a SAE 5W-20 and running on gasoline and/or ethanol-containing fuels up to E85.
MOTOR OIL SN 5W20 is based on synthetic base oil in combination with a special additive package to obtain the following properties.
• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
• Excellent cold temperature properties for a smooth cold start.
• Very good dispersant and detergent properties.
• Fuel saving properties due to low friction properties
• Very good antifoam, antiwear and anticorrosion properties.
• Long oil change interval possible.
MOTOR OIL SN 5W-20 exceeds the following performance criteria:

  • ILSAC GF-5
  • GM Dexos 1
  • GM 4718M
  • MS 6395