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Power Steering Fluid Synthetic 205L

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Power Steering Fluid Synthetic is a fully synthetic hydraulic fluid developed for highly stressed centralized hydraulic systems, power steering systems and shock absorber's which can reach oiltemperatures up to approximately 140°C.

Power Steering Fluid Synthetic shows improved performance
regarding viscosity temperature characteristics and simultaneously optimized shear
stability. Additionally Power Steering Fluid Synthetic offers improved properties regarding thermal stability due to the use of high quality synthetic base oils.
Power Steering Fluid Synthetic shows optimised temperature- and high oxidation stability and has excellent cold temperature properties and high shear stability.

Power Steering Fluid Synthetic has proven OEM technology and improvement of efficiency is possible.
Power Steering Fluid Synthetic meets or exceeds the demands of many Original Equipment Manufacturers
(OEMs) and is also being used in first-fill-applications.

  • Exceeds: BMW 81 22 9 407 758/BMW 82 11 1 468 041/BMW 83 29 0 429 576, Ford M2C204-A
  • MAN M 3289, Opel 1940 715/Opel 1940 766, VW TL 521 46 (G 002 000/A7/A8/G 004 000)